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Fresh Farmacy

865 SunShine Lane Suite #113
Altamonte Springs, FL US

About Fresh Farmacy™

Fresh Farmacy™ uses the best science and the freshest ingredients to craft therapeutic, natural and organic products that relieve pain and make you feel great. Our doctorrecommended Rehab Rx™ brand is a full line of small batch natural products provide relief, nourish your body, revitalize your well-being and promote beautiful, healthy skin.

Fresh Farmacy™ and the Rehab Rx™ brand promote wellness, health and healing using allnatural, fresh and crueltyfree skin care products manufactured from raw botanical ingredients. We use the finest nutrient-rich sea minerals, fresh healing herbs, nourishing vegetable oils, fresh raw botanical butters, luscious fruit purees, extracts and natural essences. Fresh Farmacy™ employs wellpracticed science and nature’s abundant gifts to create a variety of fresh-made, soothing, plant-based pain relief and skin care products.

 Fresh Farmacy™, Inc. is a minority and woman-owned business. Our products are all hand-crafted daily in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Fresh Farmacy™ products are currently offered as all-natural solutions by a number of doctors’ offices, pain clinics, sports rehabilitation centers, massage professionals, medical day spas, boutique spas, upscale salons, wellness centers and more.