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Fresh Formulations


We Use Fresh Ingredients for Effective Results
We specialize in making highly effective, products for bath, body, baby, rehab care & home care that are loaded with fresh, natural ingredients and minimal preservatives.

Fresh fruit & vegetable puree and powders are used in our body scrubs & handmade soaps. We use avocados, cucumbers, ginger-root, carrots, coconuts, strawberries, fresh mint & sea salt. This might sound like your typical healthy grocery list but they’re just a few of the fresh ingredients we use. 
Why Does Fresh Matter?
Fruits and vegetables are most nutritious for the body and skin when they are fresh, whole and unprocessed because this is when they contain the most vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This is also when they are gentlest on the skin, for optimal healing, soothing and nurturing.
Minimal Preservatives
Most of our moisturizers do not contain water, therefore allowing us to use all natural preservatives like Rosemary Extract.  Liquid products containing water require some preservative due to the bacteria potential of the environment.

Handmade For True Freshness
We make our products in small batches, by hand. We make most of our  products as ordered to ensure that everything delivered to your boutique,  wellness clinic, medical facility, day spa, yoga center or front door is as fresh as possible. 
No Pre-Made Bases
All of our "Products" body butters, soaps, rehab products, body scrubs, are all made by us. Our founder Felita (Chemist), carefully formulates all of our products, from scratch. Our products are carefully brought to life with ingredients that provide true benefits that are good and useful for great natural skin care. 
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The Fresh Farmacy Team
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