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Our Story

The Fresh Farmacy™ Story

Industrial chemist Felita Nwaogwugwu (pronounced woe-gu-gu) and her husband, Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician Dr. Nnamdi Nwaogwugwu, were eating dinner with their two sets of fraternal twins when the idea for Fresh Farmacy came to be.  Dr. Nwaogwugwu was treating patients at his medical clinic the "Physiatric Pain & Medical Rehabilitation Clinic" and searching for a non-invasive treatment option that wouldn’t interact with their medications.  Felita’s experience in chemistry and her passion for crafting natural solutions led to the development of Fresh Farmacy™ and the Rehab Rx™ brand.

About Fresh Farmacy™

Fresh Farmacy™ uses the best science and the freshest ingredients to craft therapeutic, natural and organic products that relieve pain and make you feel great. Our doctor-recommended Rehab Rx™ brand is a full line of small batch natural products provide relief, nourish your body, revitalize your well-being and promote beautiful, healthy skin.

Fresh Farmacy™ and the Rehab Rx™ brand promote wellness, health and healing using all-natural, fresh and cruelty-free skin care products manufactured from raw botanical ingredients. We use the finest nutrient-rich sea minerals, fresh healing herbs, nourishing vegetable oils, fresh raw botanical butters, luscious fruit purees, extracts and natural essences. Fresh Farmacy™ employs well-practiced science and nature’s abundant gifts to create a variety of fresh-made, soothing, plant-based pain relief and skin care products.

 Fresh Farmacy™, Inc. is a minority and woman-owned business. Our products are all hand-crafted daily in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Fresh Farmacy™ products are currently offered as all-natural solutions by a number of doctors’ offices, pain clinics, sports rehabilitation centers, massage professionals, medical day spas, boutique spas, upscale salons, wellness centers and more.